How to Sleep Your Way to Better Health & Beautiful Skin

By Shelia Olson

Exercise and healthy eating are core facets of any healthy lifestyle. But in the pursuit of fitness, many people overlook the importance of sleep! Getting enough sleep every night is just as essential to your overall well-being as regular exercise and clean eating and can have a profound impact on your appearance, as well. Here are some simple tips from Nicki Dark Fitness to help you sleep better and achieve that youthful glow!

Why Sleep Is the Ultimate Beauty Secret

As we all know, sleepless nights can have a horrifying effect on our skin. Dullness, puffiness, dark circles, breakouts, and an uneven complexion are just a few of the ways sleep deprivation can show up on your face. Beyond these short-term effects, lack of sleep can actually cause your skin to age prematurely!

Why is sleep so important for skin and facial health? You Must Get Healthy explains that hormones have a lot to do with it. During sleep, your body releases HGH, a hormone that

facilitates cell repair and reproduction, and melatonin, a potent antioxidant that can reduce inflammation. Sleep is also involved in balancing levels of cortisol — a.k.a. the stress hormone — to further reduce inflammation. This is why your skin becomes so soft, elastic, and vibrant when you're well-rested.

Make Your Sleep More Comfortable

One way to fall asleep faster and prevent night walking's is to improve the comfort of your sleep environment. Invest in comfortable sheets, turn on a fan for a cooling breeze, and treat yourself to some breathable pajamas. Experts recommend pajamas made from lightweight cotton, bamboo, or silk. If you tend to sleep hot, bamboo is ideal for its moisture-wicking and breathable properties. Davy Piper has an excellent collection of super-soft bamboo pajamas if you’re looking for a new set.

Find Your Best Sleep Schedule

While most adults require between 7 and 9 hours of sleep, everyone is unique. Determining your optimal sleep schedule will help you follow your natural internal clock and get the amount of rest your body needs. One great way to do this is to take a sleep vacation. Spend a week or two going to bed at the same time every

night and waking up without an alarm clock. You will eventually establish a sleep pattern and begin waking at the same time every morning. At this point, you’ll know exactly how much sleep your body needs to feel rested.

Practice Healthy Daytime Habits

If you suffer from sleeplessness, evaluate your daytime habits and see if you can make any changes that would improve your ability to fall asleep at night. For example, John Hopkins Medicine explains that engaging in just 30 minutes of exercise can improve your sleep quality that very night. A long-term commitment to regular exercise is even better since physical activity helps your body optimize the biological processes that contribute to sleep.

Prevent Sleep Procrastination

People with busy schedules or stressful lives often suffer from something called bedtime procrastination. Bedtime procrastination is the voluntary decision to sacrifice sleep for leisure time. Staying up late, binging Netflix, and indulging in midnight snacks can feel incredibly rewarding at the moment, but it only makes your next day that much harder. It’s a vicious cycle that is difficult to break.

Developing a relaxing and enjoyable bedtime routine can help you put an en

d to sleep procrastination and create better sleep habits. Once you do it enough, this routine will become almost automatic, making it even easier to go to bed when you’d rather stay up and enjoy your free time. Stay away from electronics during your bedtime routine and stick to relaxing activities like reading, gentle stretching, or meditation.

Getting enough sleep every night is one of the best things you can do for your skin — and it’s a lot cheaper than expensive facial serums and masks. Beyond beauty, sleeping well will give you the energy and mental bandwidth to handle anything that life throws at you. Make sleep a priority in your life and everything else will follow!

Regular exercise plays a key role in sleep quality. If you’re looking for new and exciting ways to get moving, check out Nicki Dark Fitness for virtual training sessions!

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